Facial Treatments

THANN Purifying Facial

For all skin types, this treatment begins with a deep cleansing with our Facial Cleanser. The Detoxifying Clay Mask effectively removes make-up, dirt and toxins embedded in the pores. The Oatmeal Face Scrub further removes dead cells and impurities while also nourishing and protecting the skin from free-radical damage. With Rice Extract Cream, this pampering is sure to leave your skin feeling clean and silky soft.

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THANN Revitalizing Facial

This treatment begins with a gentle wash with our Facial Cleanser followed by a relaxing lymphatic massage to aid in detoxification. Oatmeal Face Scrub removes dry skin and prepares the skin for the Revitalizing Mask. Facial Serum with Centella, Banana flower and Shiso extracts is a final treatment to promote collagen and improve elasticity while Rice Extract Cream will help to retain moisture.



THANN Anti-Aging Facial

Utilizing the benefits of Shiso Oil, this treatment can significantly improve the skin’s appearance and moisture level as dryness is one of the major causes of the aging process. Savor the results of cleansing, toner, scrub, massage, treatment and Anti-aging Facial Cream from our Shiso line revealing a brighter, younger you.